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  • 成分:あおもり藍抽出液(トリプタンスリン)
  • 内容量:80ml /  150ml
  • 使用方法:お部屋・洗濯物(生乾き)・トイレ・台所・生ごみ・ブーツやシューズ、ベットや寝室・体臭・ミドル脂臭・加齢臭・足臭・車内・カーペット・カーテン・ソファ・帽子・バック・マフラー・手袋・ペット周り・水槽・切り花の長持ち・使用後のおむつ他、臭いが気になる部分へ軽く振ってから直接スプレーください。
  • ご注意:人に直接スプレーする場合には、目に入らぬようご注意ください。万が一、目に入ってしまった場合は、水やお湯で洗って下さい。皮革類へもご使用いただけますが、何度もスプレーするとシミになる場合がございます。製造は全て食品グレードの原料を用いておりますが、飲料としての試験は行なっておりませんのでお飲みになれません。天然由来100%ですのでご購入後半年程度を目安に使いきりください。(成分に変わりはありませんが香りが薄くなります)
  • 日本製


This is an antibacterial deodorizing spray made only from naturally derived ingredients such as "Indigo".
Indigo is known for “indigo dyeing”. The ``triptanthrin'' contained in the indigo leaves has a natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect.
The active ingredient ``triptanthrin'' from ``indigo'' grown without pesticides is extracted using patented technology. Its effectiveness has been proven. (See research data)
A natural sterilizing and deodorizing mist made from fields that is derived from natural ingredients and is gentle not only on your skin but also on the global environment.
It is colorless and transparent with a refreshing citrus scent and no lingering odor. It can be used safely even in homes with pets and small children.


・Ingredients: Aomori indigo extract (triptanthrin)
・Contents: 80ml 150ml
・How to use: Room, laundry (half-dried), toilet, kitchen, garbage, boots and shoes, bed and bedroom, body odor, middle fat odor, aging odor, foot odor, car interior, carpet, curtain, sofa, hat, bag - Shake gently and spray directly onto areas where you are concerned about odors, such as mufflers, gloves, around pets, aquariums, long-lasting cut flowers, diapers after use, etc.
・Note: When spraying directly on people, be careful not to get it in their eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash it with water or hot water. It can also be used on leather, but it may stain if sprayed many times. All products are manufactured using food-grade ingredients, but they have not been tested as beverages and cannot be consumed. As it is 100% naturally derived, please use it within 6 months of purchase. (The ingredients remain the same, but the scent will be weaker)
・made in Japan